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"Mel is very comforting during consultation. She advised me on the procedures I should consider with no pressure added. She told me the differences between the various procedures available in the market and which are better in my case. As age catches up with me, I am more concerned with anti-ageing treatments. I want a cleaner more youthful looking face, and was surprised how fast I could see results after my first session."

- Jimmy | Facial customer


Oxygen Boost Treatment @ S$98

(incl. mini Facial)

Experience a double cleanse, exfoliation and oxygen infusion (15 min) with a serum specifically chosen by your therapist for your concern and a hydrating moisturizer plus SPF if during the daytime.

Facial Acupressure Complete Facial @ S$58

Cleanse> exfoliate> tone> massage/40 mins> signature mask

Needling Facial / Skin Booster @ S$75

With the use of a dermal needling roller that promotes natural collagen to surface faster. Serums/oils of choice provided includes ACE oils, vitamin B infused serums with added organic collagen/hyaluronic acid. Finished off with signature mask.

"Tired-Eyes" Therapy Treatment @ $68

Improves puffiness, eye-bags, dark shadows/circles & lifts the delicate skin around the eyes. Consists of a vibration/massage technique & eye mask after.

Eye Treatment @ $50

Improves overall circulation & promotes skin tightening & collagen production. Instant results! Free whitening/hydrating mask after. A must try!

Back acne SPA treatment @ S$88 [First-timers 15%]

1 hr treatment includes: - Cleansing - Enzyme exfoliation (Even for the most sensitive skin types) - Ozone Steaming - Skin rejuvenating (machine usage) - Calming & Whitening mask

IPL rejuvenation therapy facial @ S$75

Basic facial together with IPL rejuvenation treatment

IPL Hair removal

  • Bikini line @ S$48/session
  • Upper lip @ S$28/session
  • Arms (Bottom half) @ S$58/session
  • Legs (Bottom half) @ S$68/session

* Sessions done bi-monthly, sun tanning is not advisable prior to treatment.

** For darker skin tones, a bleaching soap/cream will be applied prior treatment with additional $8 top-up.

*** Free Aloe Vera organic serum/Rose water applied after each treatment of IPL rejuvenation/hair removal.


DERMABELL Facial Therapy

Trial price @ $68 only.

Normal Salon price from $120 onward per session. Authentic, direct from Dermabell Korea.

Facials for various skin types - Gold, Bubble and Cherry Blossom


MEKADIX 9 Back whitening cream S$100 only.

This whitening cream brightens and balances the unevenly pigmented skin with a natural violet crystal. It contains of centella asiatica extract that soothes and helps to repair skin to give it a smoother texture. Its creamy texture is soft and easily absorbed into the skin to form a moisture protecting layer for skin to stay well-hydrated.