What if I have special health considerations?

You will be asked to fill out a Health or Beauty Questionnaire. Please take the time to answer all the questions thoroughly and alert us to any medical concerns and/or physical ailments you may have.

Q: How do you control your products?

A: All our products are tested and controlled by the specialists of its manufacturer and our suppliers in USA and South Korea.

Q: Is there really gold in your 24K facial mask?

A: Yes! There is genuine medical grade 24k gold in all our products. When added to your skin routine, gold has many powerful skin benefits; it's properties calm inflammation, detoxifies and reduces discoloration, revitalizing your skin and leaving you with truly radiant glowing results.

Check out this video from Kelsey at Dirty Little Beauty Secrets to see how it works.

Q: How does Radio-frequency (RF) treatments work?

A: RF treatments use the tissue’s resistance within the layers of the skin to turn the RF energy into kinetic thermal energy. This induces collagen remodeling and neocollagenesis (the creation of new collagen) which reduce cellulite's and tightens the skin.

Checkout this video from Vitaskin SPA for a demonstration.

Q: What's your shipping policy?

A: Goods are normally received within 10-14 days. If requested an extra shipping and handling fee will be charged for Express Courier Delivery service (less than a week).

Q: What's your refund policy?

A: Without any exception we have a NO REFUND policy.